Communication With Employees Reduces Litigation Rate

Maintain as much contact as possible with your injured employees. SOMEONE will be communicating with them — whether its the lawyer on the TV ad, a billboard, or other employees, so make sure YOU are telling the employee what they need to know:

Here are a couple examples:


1 – First Day Phone Call by Supervisor — a friendly “how are you feeling” call, do they need anything, was anything left at the workplace that is needed, giving latest scoop at workplace, keeping them in the social loop, etc.



2- Nurse or Medical Advisor (MD) Call — to clarify medical situation. Employees often don’t understand the medical issues, so the doctor or nurse can clarify RX, diagnosis, treatment, etc. And, of course leave their phone number if additional information is needed.



3- Work Comp Manager (WCM) — call next day to explain benefits, when they will receive, how much it is, transitional duty requirements, and WEEKLY MEETING SCHEDULE. Employee is required to come to weekly meetings with WCM unless they are bedridden, and if that’s the case, a Nurse Case Manager from carrier will come to the home. Remind employee that all the needed phone numbers are on the Wallet Card and/or Employee Injury Brochure.



4- Adjuster & Case Manager contact — find out what contacts your carrier makes, so employer calls are integrated.



5- Get Well Card to Employee — have co-workers sign the card and include a gift certificate to Domino’s Pizza or another restaurant. This gives the employee the message that you care, and also offers an opportunity for the family to enjoy a meal out while the employee is recuperating.



Make checklists to follow so Workers Comp Managers (WCM) are comfortable make the calls and holding weekly meetings. Workers Comp Kit has quidelinesfor Weekly Meeting, First Day Phone Calls, Introduction Letters to Injured Employees, Employee Brochures, and many other templates. This makes your job SO much easier and takes 85% less time when developing a workers comp cost containment program.

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