10 Requirements For Employees Injured At Work

We tend to think of workers’ compensation cost containment programs as an endeavor best left to the employer, and while the employer must design the program, the employee has a role also.



10 Requirements For Employees Injured At Work


  1. Know what to do if they are injured on the job
  2. Sign an acknowledgement of these responsibilities
  3. Seek medical care from the employers medical provider (or their own primary treating physician if allowed by law)
  4. Keep the employer informed and updated of their condition/status
  5. Complete forms required by the employer truthfully.
  6. Attend weekly meetings to keep the employer informed of their condition and any obstacles to return to work full duty
  7. Participate in transitional duty (this must be a condition of employment).
  8. Attend all medical and rehabilitation appointments.
  9. Return to work in either transitional duty or full duty as soon as medically able.
  10. Other tasks as required by the employer and allowable by law such. Each state is different.


Remember, communication is the most powerful to gain buy-in and bring employees on board with participation in your workers’ comp management program.



Main Communication Message


“Our employees are our greatest asset, we are sorry one of our employees was injured, and we need your help getting them back to work.”



Author Michael Stack, Principal, Amaxx LLC. He is an expert in workers compensation cost containment systems and helps employers reduce their work comp costs by 20% to 50%.  He works as a consultant to large and mid-market clients, is co-author of Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Workers Comp Costs, a comprehensive step-by-step manual of cost containment strategies based on hands-on field experience, and is founder & lead trainer of Amaxx Workers’ Comp Training Center. .


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