An Agreement For Responsible Communication At Work




These guidelines are designed to help us maintain our courage and to remain open and vulnerable to those to whom we are listening. By providing a forum of trust based in support and sincere respect with co-workers, we will feel free and more comfortable to express and explore our feelings, insecurities, desires, hopes, and dreams.



  1. I promise I will not only hear you, but will listen. I will try to let you finish your whole thought and not interrupt. The sharing of our thoughts is what respectfully engages us.


  1. I understand you may say things, which are upsetting to me; however, I will accept what you say as your truth. I will not emotionally or physically withdraw as a sign of rejection.


  1. Although being open and vulnerable to you may be difficult and possibly threatening to me; I will try to make it safe for you to express your most intimate feelings regarding your positions during our dialogue.


  1. I know l am responsible for how I feel and which actions I choose. If you feel I am blaming you for my current feelings and actions during this forum, please tell me. I will listen to you, and stop!


  1. Because there is complete understanding when the truth is shared, I will always tell you the (my) truth as honestly, compassionately, and respectfully as l can. I concede that my truth is based upon my knowledge and experiential loci.


  1. Because I want us to convey meaning and commitment, I will not use my mind or body to manipulate, control, or defend what you communicate. I will strive to remain free to observe you, your presentation and behavior without projecting guilt, judgment or physical harm. In this way, we both open our intellectual discourse to explore the other’s values and conclusions thus broadening mutual understanding.


  1. Because our minds are unique, we will interpret work values and beliefs somewhat differently. Therefore, I agree that we can disagree. My relationship with you is not based upon seeing eye-to-eye on all issues, rather upon mutual respect and honor of the other’s point of view. Between our truths lies compromise we can initiate action upon that and can create a path thru revisions to affect the best strengths of the plan. This concept fundamentally implies that the evolution of ideas and solutions is fluid and non-static.


  1. If a barrier arises between us, l want you to know I will deal with working through it, until we have a resolution we can both accept and carry forth. We are committed to equality of governess, and I want to remain open to all perspectives, exposed to new ideas, and ideologically available to take positive action for the benefit of all.


  1. Because I want you to trust me, and I want to feel equal with you, nothing you share with me will be intentionally distorted or used to provoke or diminish you, your ideas or actions later. I acknowledge, trust and respect our philosophical boundaries. I will refrain from using the spoken word and media to, as is commonly used, bear less than truthful witness and manipulate your position in order to gain strategic advantage.


  1. I offer you my personage and help unconditionally for the philosophical purposes to advance and heal this organization. By this I mean I will support and be here for the intrinsic value of this wide reaching process and will work with you to achieve prosperity, community action and respect as well equal opportunity for all citizens.


We commit to these ideals.


Signatures of participants in this agreement:



Author: Christopher Maywald, D.C., Maywald Chiropractic & Sports Therapy, specializes in comprehensive chiropractic sports medicine care helping patients quickly reach their health objectives and enhance their overall quality of life. Dr. Maywald has a B.S. in Human Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic. He is a frequent author and speaker and has been featured in Time Magazine, on ABC TV’s Chronicle and in Patriot Ledger Sports. Contact:, Website:



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