EU-OSHA Toolkit Helps Employers, Workers Handle Dangerous Substances


Animated Films Introduce Safety & Health


A new toolkit highlighting the changes to the labeling of chemical substances was recently launched by EU-OSHA. The toolkit helps employers and their workers handle dangerous substances with care and keep themselves safe at work.


The new online toolkit includes the film ‘Danger: chemicals!‘, a poster and a leaflet. The central character is ‘Napo’, the hero in a series of animated films, aimed at introducing workplace safety and health in a funny and memorable way.


New hazard pictograms for chemical products are being gradually implemented in Member States as part of a globally harmonized system , but recent research by the European Chemicals Agency shows that many of these pictograms are not recognized or properly understood . The kit reminds employers and their workers of the new signage and helps them understand what they mean to keep themselves safe at work.



Single Exposure to Substances Can Harm Workers’ Health


About 15% of Europe’s workers report handling dangerous substances as part of their daily work. Just a single exposure to some of these substances can harm workers’ health, with effects ranging from mild eye and skin irritations to asthma, reproductive problems, birth defects and cancer. EU-OSHA wants to ensure that workers and their employers are familiar with the new chemical hazard pictograms, and handle dangerous substances with care.


EU-OSHA is supporting the European Commission in their efforts to raise awareness about the changes in labeling requirements and their relevance for workplaces.


A dedicated web section provides access to the toolkit and a variety of additional training materials and guidance documents, as well as ‘frequently asked questions’ on CLP (the European Union’s classification, labeling and packaging regulation) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) that provide more insight on the topic.



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