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 News From Gould & Lamb

Now more than ever, a competent and comprehensive prescription drug management program is invaluable. With legislation in constant flux, "pill mills" and the current opioid crisis, you need the highest quality certified professionals to provide cost-savings solutions that take the beneficiary's best interests and care into account.  Read more…
Gould & Lamb is proud to announce its 2013 launch of the National Institute for Medicare & Medicaid Education (NIMME).  After an extremely successful Jackpot! Conference Series in 2012, which focused on the various aspects of Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance and Mandatory Insurer Reporting (MMSEA Section 111), we have expanded our program to become a self-standing educational entity.  Read more…
The National Institute for Medicare & Medicaid Education will be hosting the first of four Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance conferences at Harrah's Resort in New Orleans, February 25th & 26th.
Building off the success of 2012's Jackpot! Conference Series,  NIMME will be raising the bar for education and resources in the MSP arena. With an extensive panel of faculty, these conferences will continue to be invaluable to any professionals dealing with MSP Compliance and MMSEA Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting. Read more..
News From Lexis Nexis
"The astronomical benefits-related costs, protracted dispute resolution process, and numerous other ills associated with workers' compensation that have prompted reforms have also increased support for the "opt-out" movement. Opting out initially requires that a state enact a law that allows employers that would otherwise have to provide workers' compensation coverage to offer employees alternative forms of reimbursement for compensable harm. A study titled "Workers' Compensation Opt-Out: Can Privatization Work", of which Peter Rousmaniere is the primary researcher, comprehensively examines why some employers favor opting out over lobbying for reform." Read more
"On January 10, 2013, the White House announced that President Obama signed the Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers Act (SMART Act) into law. Insurance organizations, including the American Insurance Association, hailed the SMART Act as facilitating property-casualty insurers’ compliance with Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act Section 111 reporting." To read the bill,click here.  
“The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a criminal sentence on a defendant's guilty plea to wire fraud in connection with his scheme to reduce his company's workers' compensation premiums. The defendant had challenged the district court's "sophisticated means" and "leadership-role" enhancements under U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Manual §§ 2B1.1(b)(10)(C), 3B1.1(a), as well as the court's failure to vary downward, and its restitution award. Defendant admitted he had shifted payroll to less expensive job classifications over several years, and that he had also created shell corporations with unwitting or uninvolved individuals as ostensible "owners."" Read more…
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