Cavalcade of Risk #172


The Workers Comp Roundup is proud to be hosting the 172nd Cavalcade of Risk.  This bi-weekly blog is a collection of risk-related posts covering topics from finance, to insurance, to health. 
Blog: Risk Management Monitor,
Author: Emily Holbrook
No matter how many company-wide memos are issued or how many training courses are thrust upon employees, as long as social media exists, there will be those that, whether intentionally or innocently, create a reputational or regulatory nightmare for their employer or another company. Reed Hastings<>, the CEO of Netflix, is one of them.


From the P&C Files: Marathon Insurance

Author: Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC
"Special Event" insurance is nothing new, but the case of Superstorm Sandy vs the New York Marathon is a doozy, especially since the coverage was underwritten by fames Lloyd's of London.
Blog: Healthcare Economist,
Author: Jason Shafrin
Being a physician is inherently risky, especially when you own your own practice.  What share of physicians' salaries at Geisinger Health System is at risk if the under-perform expectations?  The Healthcare Economist investigates. 
Blog: Workers’ Comp Insider,
Author: Julie Ferguson
 Pop quiz: If you were building a large scale appliance manufacturing operation, would it be more cost effective to offshore production or keep it in the U.S.? For years, conventional wisdom has pointed to offshoring, but has the risk/reward of this approach paid off? At Workers’ Comp Insider, Julie Ferguson talks about the trend to “insourcing” and why many household name manufacturers are deciding to put their money back on the U.S.
Blog: National Nannies,
Author: Diego Brown
While most states require the employers of domestic workers to carry worker’s compensation insurance to protect employees injured on the job, few states require those employers to take out disability policies.
Blog: Disease Management Care Blog,
Author: Jaan Sidorov
In this post, Dr. Sidorov reviews a recent article from a prestigious medical journal that points out that Obamacare remains politically vulnerable. The most worrisome for insurers is the possibility that the fiscal cliff may force the Feds to cut their planned commercial insurance subsidies, resulting in a long-term drop in revenue. Welcome to doing business with Washington DC, eh?
Blog: Arbor Investment Planner,
Author: Ken Faulkenberry
The biggest risk of investing is losing your principal. This may seem intuitive, yet few investors have a risk management plan. Let's get started.
Blog: Good Financial Cents,
Author: Jeff Rose
The concept of losing a close friend and colleague can be very difficult for business partners to imagine, but they must do so if their plan is to continue operating the business after the death of an important partner. 
Blog: Rootfin Life Insurance Blog,
Author: Jeff Root  
A buy-sell agreement helps protect your business from the effects of unintended transfers of ownership – like death and disability.  Here's how businesses are using life insurance to fund this buy-sell agreement.
Blog: Health Business Blog,
Author: David E. Williams
Israel counteracted the threat of Gaza rockets with a missile defense system that was developed quickly and relatively cheaply. The General who led the effort "canceled all the unnecessary bureaucracy" to push through a program that the conservative military establishment thought to be too risky. Can any of these lessons be applied to US health care?
Author: Michael B. Stack
Sedentary work positions can be less strenuous than moving boxes of product.  However, even sedentary workers have risk.  Learn the different risks and ways to lessen the chance of injury.

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