Artemis Emslie Joins Ametros’ Board of Directors And Other Top News Tidbits

Artemis Emslie Joins Ametros’ Board of Directors

Artemis Emslie has become an independent member of the board of directors of Ametros. As a highly regarded thought leader in the industry, she will provide strategic insight and guidance for the company to ensure products and services align with the company’s overall vision.


“We are very excited to have Artemis on the board,” said Marques Torbert, the CEO of Ametros. “Her experience as a senior leader of a fast-growing and successful company in our space gives her a unique perspective to add to our board.”



5 Easy Steps to Foster Loyalty and Positive Culture

Developing a positive culture and inspiring loyalty requires a delicate and sometimes complicated balance between intentional interventions and behavioral modifications. In a day and time when the word loyalty has somewhat lost its meaning, maintaining a high retention rate and creating a positive work environment is critical and complicated.


Creation of a positive working culture, and the ever-elusive loyalty, requires leaders that are sincere, heartfelt and real. The best leaders are able to effectively communicate with the generational spectrum and inspire loyalty through their approachability, their communication style and their interaction at a guttural level.



Don’t Get Taken Advantage of by Medicare Advantage

If the title of this article has drawn you in, then you likely are somehow touched by Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance, whether as an attorney representing a claimant or carrier or claims professional working with no-fault, workers’ compensation or liability claim. The question going through your mind is what has Medicare come up with now to make my job more difficult?


Indeed, MSP compliance has significantly expanded over the last 17 years. Since the advent of the Medicare Set-Aside review process in 2001, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has added policies and contractors to its enforcement mechanisms under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. MSAs led to an extensive growth in CMS’s Medicare conditional payment recovery efforts, including the 2010 launch of Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting for liability, no-fault and workers’ compensation insurance.



Facetime with Phil – Generic Substitution

Generic substitution is one of the most effective strategies you can implement to maximize drug savings. It is the job of myMatrixx to monitor and develop strategies to ensure you are not exposed to the unnecessary cost of a brand name prescription. Join myMatrixx Chief Clinical Officer Phil Walls in his final vlog of a five-part series regarding drug prices vs. drug costs. In this vlog, Phil talks about the various marketing strategies that brand name companies are using to maintain market share.



Fresno jury says Chipotle owes former manager $7.97 million for wrongful termination

For years, Jeanette Ortiz was a loyal, hardworking general manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill on Shaw Avenue across from the Fresno State campus. But in January 2015, Ortiz was fired, accused of stealing $626 in cash from the restaurant’s safe, said a lawyer for Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. There was even video evidence to prove Ortiz’s theft, the lawyer said.


But when Ortiz denied stealing the money and asked to see the video evidence, her bosses at Chipotle declined. Instead, the company destroyed the video evidence, said Fresno attorneys Warren Paboojian and Jason Bell, who represent Ortiz in a wrongful termination case she brought against the fast-food giant.




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