Supreme Court Ruling on False Claims Act Lawsuit

The Supreme Court recently stated that a Freedom of Information Act request might not be used to trigger a False Claims Act lawsuit.
According to the Associated Press, the court recently agreed with arguments by Schindler Elevator Corp., which was seeking to get a lawsuit against it dismissed. (WCxKit)
Daniel Kirk, a former employee, sued on behalf of the government, arguing Schindler had not complied with the necessary reporting requirements involving the employment of Vietnam veterans.
A judge, however, recently out his lawsuit, claiming Kirk's information came from a FOIA request. The False Claims Act states that lawsuits may not be filed using publicly disclosed information. The judge stated FOIA reports were public information. (WCxKit)
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that decision; however, the high court argued it was correct.
The case is Schindler Elevator Corp. v United States, 10-188.
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