Medcor Launches New Telemedicine Service for Workers’ Comp Nationwide 24/7

Medcor Launches New Telemedicine Service for Workers’ Comp Nationwide 24/7Medcor, Inc., the nation’s leading health navigation firm, announces a new telemedicine service developed specifically for work-related injuries. Medcor Telemed™ will be available 24/7 in all 50 states, beginning January 14, 2019. This new service enhances Medcor’s existing injury triage service, already in use by more than 309,000 worksites, and will augment Medcor’s 240+ onsite and mobile clinics.



Medcor navigates patients to optimal care by using evidence-based medicine, proprietary clinical algorithms, and patented processes. Medcor serves employers across a wide range of industries, including many Fortune 100 and 500 companies, as well as government agencies, TPAs and insurance carriers.



Medcor’s President and CEO Philip Seeger said, “We designed our new service to address the challenges telemedicine faces in occupational health. This service will improve outcomes, reduce costs and provide a positive user experience for patients, their employers and for the treating doctors.” Mr. Seeger added, “Avoiding the conflicts of interest so common in medicine is a tough challenge to address, and it is a cornerstone of all Medcor’s health navigation services.”



Sophisticated algorithms programmed into Medcor’s system identify cases that are appropriate for telemedicine; high-acuity conditions that require in-person care and diagnostics are directed to the appropriate offsite facilities. Identifying the needed level of care saves time and expense. Vice President and General Manager Matt Engels oversees the new service. He said, “Medcor Telemed is an early intervention opportunity to guide low- and moderate-acuity injuries onto the right path to recovery and to jumpstart the claims management process. Our system connects patients to physicians seamlessly with wait times measured in minutes and without advance scheduling. Medcor Telemed is staffed by a team of hundreds of physicians to ensure coverage across all states day and night. Our physicians are trained and experienced in telemedicine and oriented to Medcor’s best practices in occupational health.”



Patients and physicians benefit from Medcor care navigators who stay with the injured worker through the entire telemed process, from registration to resolution. The navigators handle technical and administrative aspects of the session. They document and clarify key workers’ compensation information, such as return-to-work status and restrictions for modified duty. At the end of each session, the navigator facilitates carrying out treatment orders from the physician. The system automatically processes reports for all the stakeholders.



Medcor’s new service operates with a combination of Medcor’s technology and licensed systems. It works on desktop computers, tablets and smart phone apps, which can be downloaded at the time of service. Medcor has already provided more than 2.5 million injury triage and other telehealth visits, which represent a solid foundation of experience for its new telemed service.



For more information, watch the short video at this link, contact or call 815-759-5442.

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