ADA and Return-to-Work Best Practices Webinar / Tues Mar 24 @ 11am EDT

On Tues March 24 @ 11am EDT, prepare for a surprise or two as a group of experts discuss how some common practices in workers’ compensation violate both the spirit and the law of the ADA, as amended in 2009.   The webinar will also clarify what employers who want to abide by the spirit as well as the letter of the ADA should be doing.  Injured workers with significant medical restrictions are likely to meet the expanded definition of people with newly-acquired disabilities — whose jobs should be protected.  This free, one-hour webinar will feature Amaxx Risk Solutions’ Rebecca Shafer, Webility Corp’s Jennifer Christian MD, EEOC’s Aaron Konopasky, Amaxx Risk Solutions’ Michael Stack, and Advisen’s David Bradford as panelists.  They will answer audience questions as time permits during a Q&A period.


This webinar is part of a series that expands on content contained in THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LOWERING WORKERS COMP COSTS, a $249 soft-cover book available via



Tues March 24 @ 11am EDT


This is a free, one-hour webinar



  • Rebecca Shafer, JD., President, Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc., Attorney/Risk Consultant
  • Jennifer Christian, MD, President, Webility Corporation
  • Aaron Konopasky, JD, Senior Attorney Advisor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Michael Stack, CPA, Principal, Amaxx Risk Solutions
  • David Bradford, President, Research & Editorial division, Advisen (moderator)



  • When do the employer’s obligations under the ADA kick in for a workers’ comp injury?
  • Can an employer require an employee to return to work after an injury?
  • What’s the difference between light/modified/transitional duty and a reasonable accommodation?
  • Can an employer set a policy about how long a transitional duty position can last?
  • What should the “interactive process” required by the ADA look like — in workers’ comp?
  • How long does an employer have to wait before terminating an employee who can’t come to work?
  • Are indefinite periods of time out of work permissible?
  • Can the injured employee refuse to accept a transitional work assignment?




  • Risk Managers and Safety Directors involved in workers compensation claims management
  • Brokers and Consultants who consult or advise on specific aspects of cost containment
  • Producers looking to impress prospects with the latest strategies to stay on top of workers comp issues



Purchase the book or view sample chapters via or contact Advisen’s Merri Bastone at   Author: Rebecca Shafer, JD.


The book’s topics are organized into the following chapters:

  1. Workers Compensation Insurance Fundamentals
  2. Cost Containment Basics
  3. Training and Building Commitment
  4. Roles & Responsibilities Best Practices
  5. Reporting the Claim
  6. Post Injury Response Procedure
  7. Communication with Employees
  8. Working with Your Insurance Adjuster and TPA
  9. Safety and Loss Control
  10. Wellness Programs
  11. Return to Work and Transitional Duty
  12. Other Indemnity Cost Containment Measures
  13. Directing Medical Care
  14. Medical Cost Containment
  15. Fighting Fraud and Abuse
  16. Rehabilitating the Injured Employee
  17. Managing Prescription Drug Use and Abuse
  18. Claims Resolution and Settlements
  19. Federal Employees Compensation Act (Bonus Chapter)




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