WCRI 2015 Conference Is Coming…March 5-6 in Boston

One of my favorite Workers Comp Conferences is coming up soon! Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) announced their “must attend” 31st Annual Issues & Research Conference taking place on March 5-6, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. WCRI is an independent, not-for-profit research organization providing high-quality, objective information about public policy issues involving workers’ compensation systems.


The conference theme is Resilience or Renovation and explores whether the systems are sufficiently resilient to adapt to the next wave of major challenges by addressing two questions:


  1. What lessons can we learn about resiliency from two decades of reforms?
  2. What are the upcoming challenges facing workers’ compensation that some argue may lead to major renovations? How might the system respond?


Who Should Attend

Anyone working to improve workers’ compensation systems or seeking to manage a changing environment will benefit from attending the WCRI Annual Issues & Research Conference. The conference draws attendees from across the nation. Join your colleagues to examine current issues and leave with new insights and actionable take-always to use in today’s competitive environment.

List of attendees.


Agenda Topics (Complete Agenda Here)


March 5

Impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Workers’ Compensation – Case Shifting

Physician Dispensing: Costs and Consequences (Panel)

State of the States


Impact of Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedules on Prices

Guest Speaker: Professor Gary Orren, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University,

Perverse Effects of Low Fee Schedules

Findings from New WCRI Studies


March 6

Resilience or Renovation?

Resilience: Lessons from Two Decades of Reforms (Panel)

Challenges that Might Lead to Renovation: Opt-Out Legislation; Challenges to the Constitutionality of Workers’ Compensation; Aging, Compensability and Dispute Resolution


What People Say

WCRI’s conference and research help attendees to identify the challenges, lessons, strategies, and innovative approaches for key issues in workers’ compensation. Here’s what people say:


“As the original source of “big data” for workers’ compensation, I find the WCRI conference unique in that their insights engage all of the parties associated with workers’ compensation in a data-driven discussion on improving the system itself.”Vincent Armentano, Senior Vice President with Travelers.


“Our industry has the responsibility to continually improve the workers’ compensation process for all parties involved. An important component of successfully meeting this goal is having accurate and relevant data to rely on. The information provided at WCRI’s conference impressively fulfills this role.”

Steve Perroots, Vice President of Global Claims Marriott International, Inc.


“WCRI’s annual conference always addresses the biggest issues facing the workers’ compensation system and helps me keep my eye on emerging trends.”

Michael Fenlon, Senior Director for Corporate Risk Management at UPS.


“The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) is always one of my favorite conferences.”

Michael Stack of Work Comp Roundup, Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc.


“Their annual conference, devoid of the usual hucksterism, focuses on the fundamental paradigms of insurance and poses the toughest questions.”

Jon Coppelman, Workers’ Comp Insider.


“WCRI’s conference remains the most educational forum and best networking opportunity available in the industry.”

Rick Denning, Shelter Island Risk Services.


Register Here



WCRI has arranged for a special conference rate of $229 per night (excluding taxes), single or double occupancy, at The Westin Copley Place, Boston. When making reservations, please contact the hotel at 617 262 9600, and ask for rooms in the WCRI block.


The “cutoff date” for reserving rooms in the conference block is February 7, 2015. Please make reservations early, as the rooms in the conference block are limited and may well sell out before February 7, 2015.


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