Cavalcade of Risk #199

The WC Roundup is proud to be hosting the 199th Cavalcade of Risk.  This bi-weekly blog is a collection of risk-related posts covering topics from finance, to insurance, to health.


My 2014 New Year’s Revolutions for Workers’ Comp

Blog: From Bob’s Cluttered Desk:


Author: Robert Wilson

New Year’s Resolutions are for pansies. What we need is a few good New Year’s Revolutions in Workers’ Comp.


Year End: A Look Back at 2013, A Look Ahead to 2014

Blog: Workers Comp Insider


Author: Julie Ferguson

Julie Ferguson has gathered a cornucopia of risk and insurance-related links to year end wrap-ups as well as predictions for the year ahead in her post.



Trends in cancer care near the end of life

Blog: Healthcare Economist,


Author: Jason Shafrin

What is your risk of dying in the hospital if you have cancer?  The Healthcare Economist evaluates a recent Dartmouth Atlas report.



Medical child abuse: Making sense of the Boston Globe stories on Children’s Hospital

Blog: Health Business Blog


Author: David Williams

A prominent hospital intervenes to take away parental rights due to allegations of “medical child abuse” by the parents. Some physical illnesses can look like child abuse. How can we reduce the risk that kids will be taken away when they shouldn’t and that kids are protected from their parents when thats really needed?



Overseas ObamaTax Conundrum

Blog: InsureBlog


Author:  Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC

InsureBlog addresses the challenge of being an American who lives and studies abroad, and is concerned about the new Individual Mandate.



Updates For Colorado Residents Enrolling In Exchange Plans After December 23

Blog: Colorado Health Insurance Insider,


Author: Louise

An ongoing updated explanation of the invoice and billing situation for anxious insureds who purchased coverage through the Colorado exchange for a 1/1/2014 effective date.



Understanding the Difference Between Group and Individual Disability Insurance Policies

Blog: Mom and Dad Money,


Author: Matt Becker

A run through some of the pros and cons of purchasing an individual disability insurance policy (separate from work) vs. taking the group disability insurance offered by your employer. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and understanding them will ensure that your family has the protection it truly needs.



How Do You Value a Return To Work Program?

Blog: Workers Comp Roundup,


Author: Michael Stack

The pros of a return to work program far outweigh the potential cons. Returning to work not only helps the employee physically by getting them off of the couch but mentally as well.



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