Safety Always, Slips Never

How one institution tested and implemented a slip-resistant shoe program


According to the Department of Health and Human Services, organizations that have a well-defined safety program see slip and fall claims decline by 59%. One of the best ways to maximize safety in the workplace and minimize accident claims (and higher insurance premiums, for that matter) begins with slip-resistant shoes. Here is a closer look at how the University of California's slip-resistant shoe program reduced employee slip and falls that ultimately resulted in substantial savings.


Case Study


The success of a pilot shoe program, conducted at UCLA and UC Irvine, influenced the University of California to implement a system wide slip-resistant shoe program throughout all of their universities. As of May 2011, UC Risk Services agreed to purchase the appropriate slip-resistant footwear for each food service employee.


Previously, the institution experienced more than 700 slip- and fall-related claims each year, with compensation costs exceeding $7 million per year. While attempts were made to reduce slip and falls with the placement of mats and improved flooring material, these programs were not as effective as the implementation of slip-resistant shoe programs.


UCLA Findings


UCLA has one of the largest foodservice operations in the UC System, employing more than 900 employees. For three years prior to the study, UCLA had approximately 100 slip and fall claims per year. In 2010, the school piloted a slip-resistant shoe program that utilized several different vendors. Those employees who wore The Shoes For Crews ® (SFC) slip-resistant shoes did not experience any slip and falls during the pilot period.


UC Irvine Findings


After many years of contracting out the foodservice operations at UC Irvine, in 2006 the campus brought the operations in house and now employs more than 150 full-time workers and 700 students in their foodservice division. As part of the transition, the foodservice department provided slip-resistant shoes to foodservice employees – a $16,000 investment in SFC footwear. Historically, UC Irvine expected to have approximately 50 slip and fall accidents each year. However, after implementing the SFC footwear program, they had an average of only two claims per year. As a result, UC Irvine now estimates a savings of more than $400,000 each year in workers' compensation cost.




No company can "buy" safety but they can make a concerted effort to educate their employees on the importance of staying safe, healthy and comfortable on the job. Take steps in the right direction today: Partner with a credible slip-resistant shoe company that you can trust as an expert in the industry.


Brittany Agro is Copy and Content Manager at Shoes For Crews, a leading slip-resistant footwear company since 1984. She can be reached at

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