North Dakota Supreme Court Allows Subpoena of Bank Records in Fraud Case

A North Dakota court allowed information about an injured worker's earnings to be obtained pursuant to a subpoena of bank records.

In State v. Hammer
, 2010 ND 152, 787 N.W.2d 716 (2010), the Supreme Court of North Dakota affirmed a decision of a state district court that denied a workers compensation claimant's motion to suppress bank records obtained through administrative subpoena duces tecum in a workers compensation fraud case.
The records had been sought to show that the claimant earned, but did not report, income through a mobile home repair business and in selling scrap metal. Based on the unreported earnings, the Workforce Safety & Insurance contended it had paid $24,132.85 in excess benefits. Issuance of the subpoena was within the investigatory powers of WSI. Larson's Workers Compensation Law See Ch. 39
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