Oklahoma Workers Comp Bill Emerges Days before Recess

A more than 200-page bill that completely remakes Oklahoma's workers compensation laws came to light May 17 in the Oklahoma House, just three days before lawmakers were expected to adjourn the legislative session.
According to theAssociated Press, the proposal cleared a House committee, despite concern from some members that lawmakers will have little time to comprehend the massive bill. It was scheduled for a hearing in the Senate on May 18. (WCxKit)
The issue revolving around workers comp always has proven to be a difficult due to the fact it involves some of the most powerful lobbying influences at the state Capitol — business and industry, trial attorneys and the medical community.
This year's massive bill was a complete rewrite of the state's Workers Compensation Act and includes more than 80 sections of new law. The House author of the bill, Rep. Dan Sullivan, claims the primary focus of the bill has been to establish medical guidelines for treating injured workers designed to speed up the process by which employees get back on the job. (WCxKit)
The bill directs the administrator of the Workers Compensation Court to decrease the fee schedule for medical reimbursement rates by 5 percent. It also requires physicians and the court to adhere to a nationally recognized set of treatment guidelines, called the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), which is projected to dramatically decrease medical expenses.
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