Oklahoma House Committee Decreases Number of Work Comp Judges

 Legislation to reform Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation court and system passed a House committee.  Senate Bill 1973, by Rep. Dan Sullivan, decreases the number of judges in the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court from ten to eight and requires five of the judges to be permanently assigned to the court in Oklahoma City and three to the court in Tulsa.  

The bill also increases workers’ comp judges’ terms from six to eight years, and puts in place a single-term limit on any new judges. Senate confirmation is necessary to fill any new vacancies on the workers’ comp court. Finally, judges are required to have at least five years of workers’ comp experience before gaining appointment, among other reforms. 
The legislation also addresses issues with how cases are handled and how to provide a reduction in the cost of the system all while maintaining the top medical care for workers. (workersxzcompxzkit)
The bill passed the House Economic Development and Financial Services Committee the week of April 5 with a vote of 9-5 and moves onto the full House.

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