Leverage Emotional Intelligence For Successful Claim Settlements

 “Today is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life.” Each of us has certainly heard this statement proclaimed sometime throughout our lives – in the classroom, office, on an athletic field or even possibly during a therapy session. For injured parties, facing the realities of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow are often more painful than the physical injuries themselves.


As professionals, this is a simple yet important concept to understand as it drives the value that comes with the use of emotional intelligence when posturing settlements.



Emotional Intelligence In Settlement Process


Emotional intelligence is an ability to recognize, understand, manage and influence one’s emotions and the emotions of others. In practical terms, it is a combination of these abilities along with the use of intuition and street smarts. Regardless of how one chooses to define the concept, incorporating the use of emotional intelligence is important given its value in the settlement process.


With all of the priority business demands inherent to managing claims, litigation and settling claims, even if one had the time to fully appreciate the value of applying emotional intelligence, how would one use this to generate better results? Most of us are too busy to even pause for a moment and think about this question. So, please, allow me a minute to offer a few simple thoughts.


Unlike most service providers who deliver products and services for the betterment of injured parties, structured settlement consultants are uniquely positioned. Oftentimes, structured settlement consultants are very engaged in the litigation process and meet the injured parties. These opportunities open the door for the use of emotional intelligence which is advantageous to all.



Settlement to Address Immediate and Future Needs


From an injured party perspective, structured settlement professionals address immediate and future needs and provide viable options to bridge the gap to settlement. As objective settlement advisors, they use emotional intelligence to customize creative settlement proposals designed to address the financial needs and uncertainties of tomorrow.


From a claims and litigation management perspective, both defense and plaintiff, structured settlement professionals maximize the benefits and value that comes with the settlement dollars paid and assist with achieving desired outcomes. The efforts of structured settlement professionals offer benefits to all parties involved in the settlement process.



“Color in the Quotes”


So, next time you engage a structured settlement consultant, look not at the color of the quotes but rather the “color in the quotes” – in part the product of their use of emotional intelligence.


“Engage a structured settlement professional, today.”



Author: Duke T. Wolpert, Ringler.  Duke is a Broker and Settlement Consultant (CSSC) who owns and operates Ringler Associates of Pennsylvania Inc.  After joining Ringler in 2012, Duke served as Sr. Vice President of National Marketing and was responsible for new business development, national account management, national marketing and corporate partnerships – as member executive management team of the organization. Contact: https://ringlerassociates.com/consultants/duke-wolpert/


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