How To Build A Relationship With A Preferred Provider Organization

Introduce the Preferred Provider Organization to Your Company
A preferred (sometimes “participating”) provider organization or PPO is a managed care organization that agrees with a third-party administrator or insurance company to provide their clients with reduced rates. PPOs are a group of doctors, hospitals and other medical providers who work together to provide medical care for an injured employee at a pre-agreed reduced price. Usually, PPO networks discount each unit of service, which reduces claims costs. In addition, there are preferred services so that employees are treated promptly with little waiting time, and are treated well — almost like a preferred customer. Their medical providers should have occupational medical experience and regard return to productive employment as the top priority.


As with the rest of your company’s workers compensation and safety programs, your supervisors and employees should know the benefits your company seeks to provide by choosing a PPO:


  • Immediate medical attention
  • Minimizing further injury or medical complications
  • Continued employment
  • Maintaining morale and eliminating problems for the employee while they are injured
  • Keeping the company financially viable helps everyone


When you train your employees and supervisors on your company’s workers compensation and safety programs, make sure you include information about your PPO network. Make sure your Employee Introduction Letters and What to Do If You Are Injured on the Job Brochures and Wallet Cards include the PPO information and mission to provide your employees with the best medical care and quickest recovery.



Introduce Your Company to the PPO


Your company’s general manager needs to create a personal relationship with the PPO clinic that provides medical care to your employees. We recommend that you invite the clinic director and administrator to your physical work site for a visit.


Establishing this relationship helps put your company’s priorities into focus. It is always best to have a face and place in mind when accomplishing any job, especially one involving employee health. You want clinic personnel to know your company, workplace settings, job requirements and your management’s approach.


Send an invitation in writing, including all your contact information as well as your employee and provider brochures.



  • Be polite.  Let the clinic know you are pleased they are part of your insurance network.
  • Express that quality of care in your company is a top priority.
  • Let them know you want to be prepared when injuries occur, but let them know this is not a frequent event.
  • Explain that the company offers a transitional duty program and you need the PPO’s cooperation.
  • Ask if the PPO administrators would be willing to visit your facility to meet employees, view work conditions and see the jobs employees perform.
  • Finalize by asking that they email you to suggest a date for such a meeting.


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