Combatting the Evils of Opioid Addiction And More News Tidbits

Businesswoman Lisa Firestone is a meticulous planner. When she approached her partners at an employee benefits consulting firm 15 years ago with a buyout offer in hand, she had a resignation letter in the other hand and four months of legal and financial strategizing behind her. Read more…
The light bulb has switched on for some organizations: risk management isn’t always done by someone with the title “risk manager.” The days of only hiring those with deep insurance, finance and compliance backgrounds are over — or at least they should be. Read more…
News From LexisNexis:
"The numerous ills associated with workers' compensation claimants abusing prescribed opioids is a perfect example of medical care professionals acting in haste in a manner that results in claimants and workers' compensation insurers repenting at leisure. High drug costs are a near certainty; addiction and a fatal overdose are additional significant risks." Read more…
“Wholesale pharmacies who contract with physicians to provide pharmaceuticals to them on a consignment basis for dispensing to their workers compensation patients, cannot seek payment for the pharmaceuticals directly from the employer/insurer underRebel Distributors Corp., Inc. d/b/a Physician Partner and Pharmacy Partner v. LUBA Workers' Comp., released by the Louisiana 3rd Circuit court of appeal on March 6, 2013.” Read more.
“The Los Angeles Times reports that drug manufacturers charge "wildly different prices for essentially the same generic medicine." Moreover, the average wholesale prices (AWP) are as "made up as the prices that come out of hospitals". Drugstores don't pay AWP for medicine, but rather negotiate "sweetheart deals" with drug manufacturers based on the volume of medicine retailed to customers. Pharmacies are not required to provide full disclosure to customers as to the prices for the same generics. Pharmacies are making more money on generics than name brands, and it's not to their advantage to help customers make informed decisions.” Read it
“Citing Larson's Workers' Compensation Law, the Court of Appeals of Oregon recently affirmed a finding that the subject truck drivers were employees of a frozen meat distributorship in spite of characterization within the contractor agreement's that the drivers were independent contractors. While the characterization carried some weight, there was direct evidence of the purported employer's right to control, and exercise of control over, the methods and details of the drivers' work. The court indicated that here the drivers provided their services; the distributor provided everything else. Read more about this case and other cases on Altercation, Substantial Deviation, and Abandonment of Employment.”

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