Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Workers Comp Medical Decisions

***Please note, the resources mentioned in this video are recommended to be used as a resource for when further intervention by a trained medical professional is required***

Hello, Michael Stack here with Amaxx. This past weekend was the second Presidential debate between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was a 90-minute snapshot of information, with their policies, their views and unfortunately a lot of their personal indiscretions. It’s designed to give us information as the American public of who we want to decide individually who we want to be our next president.


There are individuals who have spent hours, weeks, months, years participating in the talk shows, reading the policies, learning every minute detail about their candidate in order to make their decision. There’s millions of Americans who don’t have the time or frankly the interest to study to that level of minute detail. They use the debates in order to make that decision, in order to get that information, to get that snapshot to make the extraordinarily important decision on Election Day for themselves.


It got me thinking of how this relates to Worker’s Compensation and the important decisions we make in a claims organization almost every day in regards to these medical decisions. There are doctors and people in the medical community who similarly will spend their entire career studying the biology to the minute detail in order to create determinations in regards to two specific points of injury duration and causation, of whether that injury is work related or not.



Work Comp Snapshot of Medical Information


What’s the snapshot? What’s that information that we can turn on for 90 minutes and hopefully get some information in order to help us make that decision? I’m going to give you two resources here in regards to injury duration and causation.



MD Guidelines / ODG Guidelines


Injury duration, the resource is MD Guidelines and ODG Guidelines. These are published by medical professionals and give you an idea of the expected duration of a particular injury, whether that’s 2 weeks, 5-10 weeks, 15+ weeks based on a various number of factors. You could look at a shoulder injury, a back injury, a wrist injury, a knee injury, whatever the case and get an idea of the expected duration of that injury. If it’s expected to be 5-10 weeks based on a certain number of factors for a shoulder injury and you’re getting a 9, 10, 11 weeks and that individual is not back to work, that’s cause to bring in some additional intervention strategies to get things going on the right track.



AMA Guide to Causation


Let’s talk about causation. I want to give you a resource here. The AMA Guide to Causation. In depth book. This is a book you can find on Amazon, will give you an understanding from the medical perspective and it’s really written and designed for the person that is not a medical expert but has some medical knowledge to understand the elements of causation.


Injury duration and causation, AMA Guide to Causation and the MDG and ODG Guidelines. Great resources in order to help you make that extraordinarily important decision.


Again, I’m Michael Stack with Amaxx, and remember, your success with Worker’s Compensation is defined by your integrity, so be great.




Author Michael Stack, Principal, COMPClub, Amaxx LLC. He is an expert in workers compensation cost containment systems and helps employers reduce their work comp costs by 20% to 50%.  He works as a consultant to large and mid-market clients, is co-author of Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Workers Comp Costs, a comprehensive step-by-step manual of cost containment strategies based on hands-on field experience, and is founder of COMPClub, an exclusive member training program on workers compensation cost containment best practices. Through these platforms he is in the trenches on a working together with clients to implement and define best practices, which allows him to continuously be at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in workers’ compensation cost containment. Contact:



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