Arms Trapped In Food Processing Machine Brutal Reminder For Workplace Safety

Workplace safety can never be stressed too often, hence another recent injury to a worker in Australia.
According to a report from WorkSafe Victoria, the employee suffered serious injuries to her arms after they became trapped in a food processing machine at a manufacturing plant in Shepparton in early April.
The woman, who was thought to be approximately 30 years of age, was working around 1.30 a.m. when the incident took place. The victim was airlifted to hospital in Melbourne with serious crush injuries to both arms.
Dangerous Machines Injured 11,000 Workers Last Five Years
According to WorkSafe Regional Director Shane Gillard the incident was a horrible reminder of the terrible damage that could be inflicted by dangerous machines.
“Our thoughts go out to this young woman and her family, friends and workmates,” Gillard remarked.
He said dangerous machines had injured almost 11,000 workers in Victoria in the past five years.
“We know machines are essential to many businesses, but they can be dangerous and must be controlled,” Gillard went on to say. “Too many workers are still being injured by common types of machines.”
According to Gillard, “Workers should also speak up if they were concerned about safety. If we’re going to keep Victoria the safest place to work, employers and employees have to play their part.”
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