Poor Workplace Safety Leads to Employee Death, Large Fine

Workplace safety is critical to employers and employees.  The death of one of its employees more than a year ago has uncovered major safety violations that led to the death of an employee, as well as a major fine for one Australian employer.
Found Guilty of Failure to Maintain Safe System of Work
According to a report from WorkSafe Victoria, a Somerton boat company has been found guilty and fined $275,000 more than the death of a worker in December 2011.
Monst Pty Ltd (formerly Lloyd Brewer Marine Pty Ltd) was convicted late last month on charges relating to the death of an independent contractor, Andrew Lagana, in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
The company, which manufactures, services and sells boats, was found guilty of failing to provide or maintain a safe system of work, and failing to provide information, instruction, training or supervision in relation to overhead obstructions and risk controls.
Hazard Identification Should Have Taken Place
Those in attendance in court heard that Lagana asked a colleague, Mr. Madin-Berry, to assist him to access a part. Madin-Berry, who was licensed to perform high risk work, was reversing a forklift when its mast became entangled in the chain of crane, moving a hoist unit and chain off a gantry. The hoist unit and chain ended up striking Lagana on the head.
Other workers immediately rendered assistance to Lagana and he was taken to the Alfred Hospital where he died a short time later.
The court was told that a hazard identification and risk assessment should have taken place in the workplace to point out specific obstacles and overhead obstructions.
Lastly, information, instruction and training should have been provided to employees and other persons at the workplace regarding overhead obstructions and risk controls.
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