51 Years of Loud Noise Costs Employer

Exposed to Dangerous Noise Levels


A GMB (Britain’s general union) member who was exposed to dangerous levels of noise by his former employer has been compensated following help from Thompsons Solicitors.


According to Thompsons Solicitors, David Neall, 61, from Broughton has received $16,000 in damages after developing occupational tinnitus and hearing loss. Neall’s hearing became damaged while working for JB Weightmans, a vehicle body builders in Scunthrope from 1966 to 2005.



Hearing Protection Available, Not Enforced


His job included building platforms for trailers and the unsafe noise levels came from various tools being used. Hearing protection was provided in the 1980s but it wasn’t always available and use of it was not enforced until some years later.


Neall was diagnosed with deafness and tinnitus in both ears after going to his GP in March 2010. He became concerned, as he was no longer able to hear conversations and he had to have the television turned up loud. He must now wear a hearing aid in his left ear.



Settled Out of Court


After his diagnosis, Neall contacted the GMB, which instructed Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim for compensation.  Weightmans’ insurers admitted liability and Thompsons secured a settlement out of court.


Katrina Rowan from Thompsons Solicitors noted, “Hearing problems are often put down to getting older and people don’t always associate it with the work they were doing decades earlier. The responsibility of employers to provide protection against avoidable dangers at work – including excessive noise levels – is well known and there is no way to get round that.”



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