How to Write a Letter Requesting Workers Comp Info

Throughout the workers'  compensation process you will frequently need to write letters requesting information from health care professionals, your claims adjuster, a broker and more. While some tips for writing letters should go without saying: USE SPELL CHECK! And, since spell-check won't pick up – deer for dear,  READ FOR CONTENT! Others tips in the workers' compensation industry aren't intuitive. A few basics:

  1. Consider using a form.  Tables with "to," "from," "subject" and "date," for example look professional and keep information crystal clear.
  2. Use professional language  at all times. This is not the time for emoticons or personal references.
  3. Spell out abbreviations  on the first reference, even when you are sure your recipient knows them. You never know who else may handle your letter, including new employees, interns or temps.
  4. Always include  time, date, your title, name and contact info including phone numbers and email address.
  5. While emailing  an attachment of your letter is the conventional method these days, sending a hard copy in the mail isn't a bad idea, especially when requesting sensitive information or documents.

For those who  aren't gifted in letter writing, Workers Comp Kit offers sample letters and formatted documents with the proper language. Communication in workers' compensation is critical. Writing letters and documents require care and professionalism. Author: Robert Elliott, J.D.

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